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It takes a lot of people to make these shorts happen.  Here is some info about the individual shorts and the people who are absolutely necessary in the Joe & Nancy Mysteries filmmaking effort!

In the first mystery, Bess, Dave and Joe discuss the arrival of the police

In Joe and Nancy’s first mystery “Picnic of Death”, Bess spots that the police are arriving and so Joe decides to go meet them to explain what’s happened at the scene of the crime.

Joe & Nancy Mysteries #1: Picnic of Death  –  In the first mystery we introduce Nancy, Joe, Ned, Bess and Dave who will be recurring characters throughout the shorts.  Nancy is played by Teresa Moore, and Joe and Ned are played by Germain Choffart.  Eileen Marie Moore composed the music.  Teresa Moore is responsible for the scripts, directing and editing of the shorts.  Jesús Hidalgo co-produced this episode with Teresa Moore.

Nancy and Ned in front of the Duke Chapel

After a successful rescue, Ned calls the police in Joe and Nancy’s second mystery “The Chapel Rescue”.

Joe & Nancy Mysteries #2: The Chapel Rescue – Again starring Teresa Moore (Nancy), Germain Choffart (Joe and Ned), “The Chapel Rescue” features the friends as they get a call that Ned has been kidnapped.  In order to find him, Bess, Dave and Gigi team up to go to the Duke Chapel where they think Ned might be.  We introduce a new recurring character Checho who will be played by Jesús Hidalgo in the following Joe & Nancy episodes.  [Music: Eileen Marie Moore, Written by, Directed by and Edited by: Teresa Moore, Co-Produced by: Jesús Hidalgo and Teresa Moore]

all of us together

The main cast of characters stops for a moment in a chase scene in Joe & Nancy’s third mystery “The Book with Flaps”. Why? Because they were enchanted by the musical stylings of a violin player in the Sarah Duke Gardens!

Joe & Nancy Mysteries #3: The Book with Flaps – Once again we join Joe (Germain Choffart), Nancy (Teresa Moore), Bess, Dave and Checho (Jesús Hidalgo) as they team up to solve a case.  The plot in this episode centers around a very important book with flaps that is supposed to be the centerpiece of the exhibit on Animated Anatomies at Duke University.  We introduce Professor Finucci (Valeria Finucci), Professor Greer (Margaret Greer) and Professor Jameson (Fredric Jameson) as characters in this plot.  The newest recurring character that we introduce in this episode is Callie.  [Music: Eileen Marie Moore, Written by, Directed by and Edited by: Teresa Moore, Co-Produced by: Jesús Hidalgo and Teresa Moore]

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