Joe & Nancy’s Halloween Documentary


The documentary and Halloween horror spoof special was filmed in October 2012.  The cast read the scripts and made last minute touches at a dinner party the week before filming.  Decorations for the party were collected over the course of a month and the set was filled with an array of orange and black solo cups, pumpkins, glow sticks, frothing drinks and spooky decor.  The costumes worn to the party add an element of excitement to this Joe & Nancy mystery!  Here are a couple spoilers just in case you haven’t watched the documentary yet: Joe and Nancy will grace the set as police officers and Ned will be a mime.

Joe & Nancy's Halloween Documentary

[Also, check out its IMDb page here: click this]

As for the short film’s plot, Joe and Nancy’s Halloween special is the new episode #5 .  The basic storyline follows Nancy and Joe as they host their Halloween costume party.  Guests arrive, mingle, drink and chat until something surprising occurs.  This surprise is then followed by other, more startling events once Joe and Nancy’s guests go home.  To make it through the night, Joe and Nancy will have to team up and rely on help from one friend in particular…

The documentary of making this episode is focusing on the experiences of three of the actors who play some of the main characters in the Joe and Nancy Mysteries shorts.  Jesús Hidalgo (Checho), Germain Choffart (Joe and Ned) and Teresa Moore (Nancy) all share insights into the process and how the Joe and Nancy Mysteries came to be.  Most of the documentary will be filmed the night of the Halloween party itself to document making the special episode.  The documentary was released in December, 2012!  Here is a photo gallery from the making of the documentary.


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