Joe and Nancy’s Kickstarter funded film is here!

Dear Joe and Nancy supporters, enthusiasts and friends,

It is with great pleasure that Germain, Jesús and I release the season finale of the Joe & Nancy Mysteries series!  This film was made possible by our generous Kickstarter backers!  This episode was filmed over the course of one weekend in May, 2013 in Wilmington, NC.  We filmed between thunderstorms, battled intense wind and 50 degree weather to capture the footage presented here.

This episode of the Joe and Nancy Mysteries series picks up with Joe and Nancy as they head to the beach to celebrate passing their MA exams.  The vacation is cut short, however, when two dead bodies are discovered.  Is Ned correct when he thinks Joe and Nancy have been murdered?  Will the detectives’ friends be able to sort everything out?  Will this vacation really end in death?  Find out in Joe & Nancy’s Beach House Murder Mystery.

Starring: Germain ChoffartTeresa MooreJesús Hidalgo, Lauren Czaplicki, Aude Dieudé, Betsy Tremmel and Matteo Gilebbi  Music by: Eileen Marie Moore     Produced by: Teresa Moore & Jesús Hidalgo   Written, Directed & Edited by: Teresa Moore


An MA exam, a “murder” and a major misunderstanding – episode #6: Death in the Shadows

We wanted to meditate for a second on the main themes found in this particular Joe & Nancy episode that resonate with the entirety of the season.  This is especially important since the season finale will be released later this month and this penultimate episode brings several threads together pointing the characters towards some major changes.  First, we have the exam that Joe and Nancy are taking in their mystery subject.  Second, we have the recurring theme of violence that’s been present ever since the very first episode.  And lastly, we have continued misunderstandings which was a theme made most explicit in episode five, Papermasked Silence (the Halloween episode).

Starting with the exam it becomes obvious that whatever Joe and Nancy study it’s a discipline where writing is important.  Our subliminal positioning of these characters is somewhere in the humanities.   They don’t study Romance languages like French or Italian because these two are the most common languages that appear in the season and they didn’t understand any of the interactions.  Also, the format of the exam is important: it’s a comprehensive exam of some sort where the detectives answer a series of prompts.  The idea is that they have to bring together large amounts of information from a reading list…  Of course, as always, the subjects covered in the reading list or lists remain unstated.  In any case, it’s clear that Nancy is particularly stressed by the fact that Ned doesn’t show up in time to wish her luck in person before the exam.

The violence in the Joe and Nancy Mysteries episodes starts right from the beginning of Picnic of Death Bess finds a dead body in that episode and it is the first example of violence in the series.   This is followed by a kidnapping in episode two, The Chapel Rescue.  By the time we get to episodes three, (The Book with Flaps), and four, (The Stolen Dissertation), the violence level has diminished — first a stolen book and then a stolen laptop with a dissertation on it.  Episode five, the Halloween special Papermasked Silence, brings violence back to the forefront putting Joe and Nancy in a situation where their lives are threatened after having had a “fake” murder at their party.  The sixth (and penultimate) episode, finds the detectives facing violence in an explicit and implicit manner.  This is the first and only episode that shows the violent act as it occurs.

The misunderstandings with the various languages have taken place since the very first episode.  Over the course of the season Joe and Nancy have been unable to understand: French, Italian, Spanish and some other languages.  The interviews of witnesses normally show Joe and Nancy with their friends clueless as the stranger recounts exactly what happened.  Some humor in the series comes from the audience knowing something the main characters don’t.  This theme is adapted slightly in Death in the Shadows since Callie’s French is immediately translated into English by Ned who acts as her interpreter.  This hyper-compatability between Ned and Callie spells trouble for Nancy.  Nancy, however, is unaware of these startling and troubling developments as she takes her exam.  What will happen next??  Find out later this month in Joe and Nancy’s Beach House Murder Mystery!

The Halloween Joe & Nancy episode is here!

scripts for the Halloween Horror Spoof Special

Greetings to all Joe and Nancy enthusiasts!

We’re so pleased to release the Halloween special episode we edited at long last!  We hope you enjoy watching Joe and Nancy as they entertain their party guests and try to solve the most dangerous mystery they’ve encountered so far.  It’s entirely possible that they may not make it through the night…  Or maybe with a little help from their friends Joe and Nancy will once again bring their most perplexing case to a close.  One thing is certain — we’d like to thank our friends and supporters!

Without the help of our friends we never would have been able to throw our own Halloween filming party!  So we’ll take this opportunity to thank everyone who dressed up, came to the party and helped make this Joe and Nancy episode a success.  We are so grateful to our friends for their patience and generosity with their time and energy.  And now we have a fabulous Joe and Nancy episode to watch because of the commitment and kindness of all those involved!

From the editing desk and music studio we thank you all for tuning in!  We’ll keep you posted on the next episode that will come out soon: Joe & Nancy Mysteries episode #6: Death in the Shadows

Updates, new photos and new blogs

A big hello to our avid Joe & Nancy friends, enthusiasts and supporters,

It’s the time in the summer to give everyone updates on how our Joe & Nancy projects are progressing!  First we’ll start with our films: there are three (yes THREE) that are coming out by the end of August.

  1. The Halloween Special episode called Paper Masked Silence” — what should you expect?  Well, a halloween party gone terribly wrong, that’s what.  And, of course, there will be some miscommunication between a French speaker and Joe and Nance.  This film will come to you first in MID JULY.  So expect good news and a good mystery soon.
  2. The next episode coming your way is “Death in the Shadows” — the episode where Joe and Nancy take their MA exams and their friends pitch in to solve a murder.  Expect a beloved character to bite the dust.  Or will they???  This episode will be released LATE JULY. We’ll give you the exact dates for it as we draw closer.
  3. Finally, the last episode this season is “Joe & Nancy’s Beach House Murder Mystery”.  Those familiar with our kickstarter campaign know what this one is about.  For those just learning about us and our projects you can look at our kickstarter project here: Joe & Nancy’s Kickstarter campaign.  The episode follows Joe & Nancy and some friends as they celebrate their passing exams with a vacation on the beach in Wilmington, NC.  As one would expect, there’s a murder mystery that ensues.  This episode will be released in AUGUST. 

Every person part of the Joe & Nancy cast and crew is thrilled with the progress we’re making on the shorts.  We’re also thrilled to share with you some new cast photos from our photo shoot with the wonderful Durham, NC photographer Kayla Coleman.  You can check out her website here: Kayla Coleman Photography

There are also some new projects in the works, so we’ll keep you all apprised of them.  Our cast and crew members have been busy creating in other venues as well:

Finally, we’ll keep you posted on the developments as they happen!  We’re busy editing and adding music — we can’t wait to release the next short. Don’t forget to follow this blog so you can be the first to know when we release the new episodes!