Jesús Hidalgo

Jesús Hidalgo filming

Jesús Hidalgo filming

Jesús Hidalgo was born in Lima, Perú (1985). He is currently a PhD student in Spanish Literature and a Spanish language instructor at Duke University. In his free time, he enjoys watching soccer games, reading, spending time with friends, and eating lots of ice-cream. Besides coproducing the Joe&Nancy mystery films with his best friend, Teresa Moore, he is invested in writing scripts and translating literary texts both from English into Spanish and the other way around.

In 2011, the Joe&Nancy cast participated in a stage reading of an excerpt of a Mario Vargas Llosa’s play translated by Jesús for a class on Theater and Translation Studies:

In November 2012, Jesús released his first short film in which, of course, the Joe&Nancy crew participated, too.  Gardens was inspired by a short story by Julio Ramón Ribeyro.  Coming soon, Jesús and the Joe&Nancy team will produce both a short movie about Zodiac signs and a free adaptation of a Mario Vargas Llosa short story.

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