Alfonso&Brielle, First Season…

Our fabulous Director of Photography, Jesús Hidalgo, wrote a great post about our newest web series Alfonso and Brielle. This is our most recent project, so we would love to have you check it out and leave some feedback on our blog posts. Happy 2015!

photography, travels and news writing

My friends Teresa and Germain just released the first season of our three-episode webseries Alfonso&Brielle. “He’s a model. She’s a singer. They’re a hot mess.” In the first episode, Alfonso and Brielle are frustrated because pouring rain spoiled their glamorous plans. In the second episode, they discuss the effects insane success has had in their lives. Finally, in the last episode, they face the consequences of sex, money, and fame.

Visit the series’ webpage to know more about the actors, the characters, and the director of photography (me,) watch the season and Brielle’s music clips -featuring music by Teresa’s mother, Eileen Marie Moore-, and read some interviews for “Fake People Magazine”! We hope the series makes you roar!…


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