Joe jumps over picnickers in the Sarah Duke Gardens

Joe manages to jump over picnickers and smoke his cigar as he chases after someone trying to get away.

With his cigar and his sunglasses, Joe is just too cool.  Well, that and the fact he opens and closes car doors for Nancy and rolls over the hood of his car flawlessly all in one smooth motion.  Joe works with Nancy and together they solve mysteries while they complete their graduate school degrees.

Here are the top five need to know facts about Joe:

  1. He works with Nancy solving cases.
  2. He always wears sunglasses, a sport coat and carries a cigar.
  3. He can drive without having the car move.
  4. He is athletic and can chase down bad guys no problem.
  5. He has trouble expressing his feelings.

To learn more about the actor who plays Joe click here to go Germain Choffart’s bio.


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