Alfonso&Brielle, First Season…

Our fabulous Director of Photography, Jesús Hidalgo, wrote a great post about our newest web series Alfonso and Brielle. This is our most recent project, so we would love to have you check it out and leave some feedback on our blog posts. Happy 2015!

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My friends Teresa and Germain just released the first season of our three-episode webseries Alfonso&Brielle. “He’s a model. She’s a singer. They’re a hot mess.” In the first episode, Alfonso and Brielle are frustrated because pouring rain spoiled their glamorous plans. In the second episode, they discuss the effects insane success has had in their lives. Finally, in the last episode, they face the consequences of sex, money, and fame.

Visit the series’ webpage to know more about the actors, the characters, and the director of photography (me,) watch the season and Brielle’s music clips -featuring music by Teresa’s mother, Eileen Marie Moore-, and read some interviews for “Fake People Magazine”! We hope the series makes you roar!…


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The 2014 Rome Web Awards

Dear Joe & Nancy Mysteries fans, supporters and friends,

We’re pleased to send out this update about the Rome Web Awards that occurred on April 26, 2014.  The Joe & Nancy Mysteries series had the good fortune of being nominated for the “Best Cast” Award and we couldn’t be prouder!

joe & nancy-1

The Rome Web Awards official nomination seal

Creator, producer and director, Teresa Moore, was able to go to Rome and was able to document the evening.  She even got interviewed on the Blue Carpet!  She also brought her grandma as her +1.  It was quite the exciting evening to share with her grandma!

Teresa at the Rome Web Awards 2014

Before the official event started Teresa got some photos of inside the theater.

Inside of Teatro Ghione where the Rome Web Awards were held

The Joe & Nancy Mysteries contingent in Rome was given prime seating and everyone was able to watch up close and personal what went on as the awards were handed out.

A behind the scenes shot of filming the live awards show

Even though the Joe & Nancy Mysteries series didn’t win the “Best Cast” award, we couldn’t be happier with the experience.  Rome proved to be a wonderfully beautiful place to celebrate the Joe & Nancy Mysteries series and make friends with other creators of web series.  Thank you Rome Web Awards 2014 — we hope we’ll be back next year!

Sunset in Rome


The Joe & Nancy Mysteries series is an official selection of the Rome Web Awards!

It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce that the Joe & Nancy Mysteries web series is an official selection in the 2014 Rome Web Awards held in Rome, Italy on April 26, 2014!!  We announced this information to our Kickstarter backers here.  We are incredibly honored and delighted!

Official SelectionThank you to everyone who helped make this web series fantastic!!!

You can also visit the Rome Web Awards website listing the web series in competition.  If you scroll down you’ll come across Joe & Nancy Mysteries!

Screen shot 2014-02-05 at 5.03.53 AM

Joe and Nancy’s Kickstarter funded film is here!

Dear Joe and Nancy supporters, enthusiasts and friends,

It is with great pleasure that Germain, Jesús and I release the season finale of the Joe & Nancy Mysteries series!  This film was made possible by our generous Kickstarter backers!  This episode was filmed over the course of one weekend in May, 2013 in Wilmington, NC.  We filmed between thunderstorms, battled intense wind and 50 degree weather to capture the footage presented here.

This episode of the Joe and Nancy Mysteries series picks up with Joe and Nancy as they head to the beach to celebrate passing their MA exams.  The vacation is cut short, however, when two dead bodies are discovered.  Is Ned correct when he thinks Joe and Nancy have been murdered?  Will the detectives’ friends be able to sort everything out?  Will this vacation really end in death?  Find out in Joe & Nancy’s Beach House Murder Mystery.

Starring: Germain ChoffartTeresa MooreJesús Hidalgo, Lauren Czaplicki, Aude Dieudé, Betsy Tremmel and Matteo Gilebbi  Music by: Eileen Marie Moore     Produced by: Teresa Moore & Jesús Hidalgo   Written, Directed & Edited by: Teresa Moore

new poster for Joe & Nancy episode 1

Hey everyone!

As we get ready to roll out the season finale episode of the Joe & Nancy Mysteries series we wanted to share a cool new poster for episode one, Picnic of Death.


Germain Choffart, Teresa Moore, Betsy Tremmel, Matteo Gilebbi and Jesús Hidalgo star in this first episode of the series. Music is by Eileen Marie Moore.

Here’s the episode itself so you can refresh your memory about the series.  In this particular episode Joe and Nancy are called to the Sarah Duke Gardens to solve a murder.  Celeste, a girl in Nancy and Joe’s department, has been killed on the red bridge.  Joe and Nancy try to solve the case while Bess and Dave wait on the bridge for the police to arrive.  After a series of interviews with passersby Joe and Nancy think they spot the culprit.  There’s a murder, a mystery, incomprehensible interviews, a chase scene, a fight and two love stories that are intertwined.  

“Sometimes death is a dish best served for lunch.”