Teresa Moore

Teresa Moore is an actress, comedian and currently in graduate school getting a PhD in two european languages and literatures: French and Italian. She is a company member of the DSI Comedy Theater in Chapel Hill, NC. Her previous acting experiences include creating the role of Nancy in the Joe & Nancy Mysteries web-series (a series that she also wrote, directed, produced and edited) as well as the role of Molly in Jesús Hidalgo’s short film, 7 dates.  Other roles include Mia in the short film Everyone Thinks We’re Dating and Brielle in the up-and-coming web-series, Alfonso and Brielle.  When not filming or performing, Teresa is working on her PhD at Duke University.  She is currently in her fourth year is working on her dissertation project entitled: “Mountebanks and Charlatans on the Early Modern Stage in France and Italy (1500-1700).”

You can check out her YouTube channel JoeandNancyMysteries and her IMDb page to learn more.  You can also follow her on Twitter @lead512 and read her blogs about her guinea pigs The Adventures of H&M and creative writing blog based around paintings of the Cleveland Museum of Art Painting Stories Together.

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