meet the main characters

The Joe & Nancy Mysteries character guide — the protagonists:

  1. Joe is debonair to the max with his sport coat, gold watch and cigar.  (Fun fact about Joe’s cigar: it’s never lit in the entire series.) He has one brother named Frank who we never see in the series, but is mentioned in episodes 1, 2 and 3.  (Interesting fact #1 about Frank: he used to date Nancy.)  Joe, however, now works with Nancy to solve mysteries while he completes a graduate degree.  (Fun fact about Joe & Nancy: we never learn what they are studying.)  Though Joe is fabulous when it comes to chasing down bad guys, he has some trouble saying how he feels.
  2. Nancy partners with Joe to solve the many cases that come their way as she and Joe complete their graduate degrees in the same unnamed program.  (Fun fact about Nancy: we never see her doing school work).  Nancy is focused on mysteries and uses the detective agency as a way to work through her heart break when Frank dumps her at the beginning of episode number one. (Interesting fact #2 about Frank: he broke Nancy’s heart.)  During the course of the case in episode 1, she meets Ned who becomes her love interest in the series.
  3. Ned enters the series dramatically in episode one when he helps Joe and Nancy solve a murder in the Duke Gardens.  He is immediately infatuated with Nancy and sweeps her off her feet offering her flowers and complimenting her effusively.  (Fun fact about Ned: he likes to pick Nancy up and either carry her or swing her around).  He continues in subsequent episodes to develop a complicated relationship with her.  He is French and has a thick French accent that colors his speech.  Even his clothing reflects an exaggerated French identity.  He is sweet and sometimes his actions are bewildering even though he has a heart of gold and the most positive intentions.  (Important fact about Ned and Nancy’s relationship: when Ned stops picking Nancy up there start being red flags in their relationship.)
  4. Bess and Dave are the power couple par excellence in the Joe & Nancy Mysteries series.  Almost always together, Bess and Dave continuously help Joe and Nancy solve their cases.   Without their steadfast help and support, Joe and Nancy would never be able to bring their mysteries to such quick conclusions.  Bess also happens to be a childhood friend of Nancy’s.  Dave is involved in academia in some way because in episode two, he mentions going to a conference to present a paper. (Fun tidbit about Bess & Dave: they appear in every episode.)
  5. Checho is Joe’s childhood friend and we meet him in episode 2.  (Interesting fact #3 about Frank: he was also Checho’s childhood friend.)  Checho carries extremely heavy piles of books in episodes two and three.  In episode four we learn he likes to play tennis and in episode six he also plays golf.  Checho represents a balance between extreme intelligence and athletic prowess.  He meets his love interest, Sadie, in episode six. (Crucial character development fact: something between episodes six and seven happens to heal the relationship between Sadie and Checho and we never find out what that is.)
  6. Callie is a childhood friend of both Joe and Frank.  (Interesting fact #4 about Frank: he dated Callie when he was growing up and she is his childhood sweetheart.)  Callie appears in episode three and becomes a series regular for the remainder of the season.  Her appearance upsets Nancy since she feels that Callie stole Frank from her.  Nancy’s fear is that she will lose all her boyfriends to Callie — including Ned.  (Crucial relationship tidbit: this fear may turn out to be reality). Callie is a visiting scholar at Joe and Nancy’s university and stays for a conference and then to study a particular manuscript. (Fun fact about Callie: we learn that she studies 17th century anatomical books with flaps and is always about to work on something academic  or has just finished working when she appears in the episodes).
  7. Sadie is introduced in the final two episodes as Checho’s love interest.  We know that she is working on the same topic as Callie and is interested in studying the same manuscript.  She and Checho manage to work out their problems in time for the last episode when everyone goes to the beach.

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