Season 1 of: Fame Fatales (ep. 1-3)

From the creators of the Joe & Nancy Mysteries series comes the new sketch comedy group Fame Fatales. Headed by the writer of Joe & Nancy Mysteries, Teresa Moore, the Fame Fatales also features new female voices: Linda Bowerman and Shelly Sabhikhi.

The first episode of the Fame Fatales series is “Chainletter” the story of Katie who receives a chain letter that will change her life. Will she forward it? Will there be consequences? Find out in this first installment.

The second episode is “Pretty, Pretty Princess” the story of Sofia who tries to marry royalty. This time Katie may exact her revenge, but does Sofia have the last word by winding up with a prince?

The third installment of season one is “The Skew with Brielle” where Katie, as a newly famous host on the tv show, interviews celebrities. This episode crosses over with the Alfonso and Brielle web series since Brielle is interviewed on the show. For more about Alfonso and Brielle visit their site


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