What are the Joe & Nancy Mysteries?

Without the help of their friends, Joe and Nancy would be much worse off.

The Joe & Nancy Mysteries are short films inspired loosely by two other detective series aimed at ten year old boys and girls.  We’re confident you can piece together which ones…  *Cough* The Hardy Boys *cough, cough* and Nancy Drew.  The main characters Nancy and Joe team up to solve mysteries to earn extra money while in graduate school.  However, they would never manage to solve a single case without the help of their friends — Bess, Dave, NedChecho and Callie.  Also, it becomes clear that Joe and Nancy never actually earn any money either.  Instead, the stories highlight this group of friends chasing down murderers, rescuing kidnapped friends and finding stolen dissertations.  We recommend you read more about us. Also, to read the introductions to the main characters click here.

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